About Me

“I cycled 2250km

in search of myself.

I found her!”

Ou Ruodie,
Owner, Cybasketball
Hi, my name is Ou Ruodie, and I live in Chengdu, China.
Not long ago, I was admitted to one of the nation’s best universities. Very soon, though, it became obvious that most of the students were only interested in grades and credit, while the teachers seemed to be just going through the motions. There was no real passion.
That made me feel eager to get out into the real world. So I decided to drop out of college and go on a long journey of self discovery.

I chose Lhasa as my destination.

I’ve always regarded Lhasa in Tibet to be a very spiritual city. Since my budget was quite small, I chose to simply ride my bike there… even if that meant traveling 2250 kilometers!
The trip ended up taking 27 days and featured plenty of challenges. Besides hazardous road conditions, I also encountered heavy rainstorms–even hail–and I ended up suffering from altitude illness, which can be fatal.
Before I finally arrived in Lhasa, I met a great variety of people along the way. One couple stood out.
They treated me like a daughter, as though being kind and generous was as natural as breathing.
They were happy with their lives, despite being poor (as was I). It inspired me to live like that, too–to be free and to be happy.

Following my true love.

I asked myself: what do I really want to do? The truth is, I’ve always had a great passion for the game of basketball. Now I could see how I could help others play the game the way it should be played.
My home town has a great manufacturer of high-quality basketball shoes such as Nike, LeBron and Air Jordan. I contacted them and made arrangements that permit me to offer these great shoes at very low prices. Since I could never afford real basketball shoes growing up, this was my chance to help others like me. So I decided to launch my own online business: Cybasketball.

Why not get in touch?

I always love to hear from customers and to get their feedback. Please feel free to contact me and learn more about my new online store.
I hope to hear from you soon!




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